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As a software developer, professional communication is just as important as coding skills.

But unfortunately, most new self-taught developers don't get a chance to communicate with a team before they land their first job.

And poor communication can lead to poor performance.

Missed deadlines.

Office tension.

...And too much unnecessary stress.

That's where this course comes in.

Professional Communication for Junior Developers is a scenario-based training course created exclusively for software developers.

Featuring real-life situations, you'll learn how to effectively communicate in a variety of settings.

You'll also have a chance to practice your newly-acquired communication skills with other members of the community.

Developed by a working software developer and a manager with over 12 years of experience, Professional Communication for Junior Developers is the only course of its kind.

Throughout this training, you'll encounter:

  • A struggling new hire
  • A manager with unrealistic expectations
  • A time-sucking co-worker
  • An underutilized senior developer
  • Dysfunctional company culture
  • And more.

Improve your communications skills and become an indispensable asset to your company.

Enroll in Professional Communication for Junior Developers today.


Course Curriculum

Nobody wants to land in a manager's office.

Professional Communication for Junior Developers prepares you for real-life situations so that you can succeed in your workplace using both verbal and non-verbal communication.

Whether you need to untangle personality clashes, navigate company culture, find a mentor, or even use positive feedback to leverage a promotion, this course will help you develop professional communication skills with tangible results.